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  Our Youngest Students Exploring What is Invisible to the Bare Eye.
Planetary Messages - We celebrate Eton’s participation in the interactive play installations designed by the Reggio Children team for the Children Park in Expo Milan 2015.


Pajama Night

Pajama Night

Experiences with Natural and Artificial Light

Track: "World Relaxation Yoga" <p> Music by: Embrace the MomentTrack: "Serenade to Spring" <p> Music by: Secret GardensTrack: "Interiority of the Body II" <p> Music by: Mr. Ambient DonovanTrack: "Good Night" <p> Music by: Giovanni Marradi

Multisensory Experiences Take Place in Classrooms Every Day

Track: "Atlantia" <p> Music by: Secret Garden

A Testimony of Perseverance and Problem Solving Skills During a Study of Rocks



Red Solare at Eton

Early Childhood Students at the Aquarium

A Study of Day and Night

A Project on Turtles