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Curiosity and discovery promote meaningful learning.

Basaltic Prism Project

Visit Alzheimer Center


"Fractals - A Visit to the Universum Museum"
By: Simón Aristazabal, Andrés Díaz Ceballos,
Luciana de la Barra, Daniela Morales, Kiana Niezen and Luis Zubieta,
Middle School students
Winner project at The Embassy Of Ireland / Mexico in Saint Patrick’s Go Green Event, 2014-09-01 for Charity Coalition
Art Design

By: Miranda Moreno Gontrán Rodríguez, Middle School student

By: Tatiana Montero Cabrera & Gilberto Escobedo Beneítez, Middle School students
By: Aya Chebaro Reyes, Middle School student
Interdisciplinary Project
Ruta de la Independencia

Ruta de la Independencia. By Isabel Camacho.

Documental Inquiry about Revolutionary Events.
In this project students investigate about Mexican 
Revolution and document these historical events in a newspaper of the epoch.

Novela de Pánfilo
By Natalia Cercós, Anna Arvizu, and Tamara López
9th grade students.